Caitlin Petersen

Caitlin is a student of Central Queensland University where she is studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business. Her Policy Paper discusses Damage but not yet lost: Exploring gaps in loss and damage mitigation, and the necessity of the Warsaw International Mechanism for loss and damage and its review at COP22.

Madelin Strupitis-Haddrick

Madelin is a student of The University of Sydney where she is studying a Bachelor of International and Global Studies. Her Policy Paper discusses From targets for renewable to renewable targets: Significance of the 5-year governing cycles on the effectiveness of the Paris Agreement.

Samuel Edge

Samuel is a student of the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs where he is studying a Masters of Public Policy and Management. His Policy Paper discusses Plan for the worst, it’s on the horizon: Financing the Warsaw mechanism’s risk management strategies through the global environment facility and special climate change fund.