Engaging indigenous peoples in carbon markets

Elizabeth attended the UNFCCC COP18 in Doha where she represented The Australian National University. She is currently a Bachelor of Arts/Science student and she is also completing the Australian National Internships Program with the Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change.


Carbon markets are emerging globally as a tool that countries use to address the challenges of climate change by reducing or offsetting their carbon dioxide emissions. This paper examines the opportunities for the engagement of indigenous communities in carbon markets. Indigenous communities that engage in carbon markets by conducting projects that contribute to mitigating or offsetting emissions may be able to access co-benefits. However, the state of the international carbon market is fragmented and has provided mixed success in engaging indigenous communities. But, there may be opportunities via international climate change negotiations for the improvement of the state of carbon markets and indigenous communities’ role in them. Finally, this paper makes several recommendations for improving the engagement of indigenous people in carbon markets.

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