The relationship between the World Bank and priorities of the G20

Heath attended the 2012 G20 summit in Mexico where he represented The University of Melbourne Faculty of Business and Economics. Heath is studying a Bachelor of Commerce.


The report explores the relationship between the strategic aims of the World Bank with the 5 priorities outlined for the Mexico G20 summit June, 2012. The comparison is made by examining the various goals and strategies outline on the World Bank website along with external commentary. The discussion is centred on how the aims of the G20 summit can be met within developing countries using the World Bank as a vehicle for positive change. The discussion is broken down into each G20 priority and the report draws links between the subject priority and the World Bank ambitions. Ultimately it is suggested that G20 countries should continue providing the World Bank with fiscal resources so that efforts concerning economic stabilization, strengthening the financial system, improving financial architecture, enhancing food security, promotion of sustainable development, green growth and the fight against climate change can be addressed in developing nations.

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