Reducing Youth Unemployment and Experiences of NEET through Enhancing Opportunities for Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation

By Krista Flick

Krista represented Central Queensland University at the 2015 Y20 Summit in Turkey.


  1. Youth unemployment should remain a priority of the G20 Leaders’ Summit in 2015, with a particular focus on the progress of each member’s Employment Plan.
  2. The G20 should recognise the significance of increasing rates of young people neither engaged in employment, nor in education or training (NEET), and take action to create sustainable employment opportunities for young people
  3. The Australian Government should investigate opportunities to encourage young people into entrepreneurship, including through the simplification of administrative and registration procedures associated with business start-ups, the inclusion of elements of entrepreneurship curriculum at all levels of education, facilitating collaborative partnerships between community organisations and private businesses, and reducing financial barriers that restrict young people from starting their own businesses.
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