The impact of the G20 on the global economy and the role of Australia as a middle power

Ruth Lo Surdo is attending the G20 summit in Mexico where she is representing The University of Western Sydney. Ruth is studying a Bachelor of Economics and Law, as well as being a member of the Aspire Leadership Program.


Through an analysis of past summits and present opinions of the G20, this report assesses whether the G20 has had any impact on the global economy or whether its critics are correct in stating that it is simply a leaders ‘get together’. This report also proposes actions that need to be taken in the future in order to ensure the G20 remains influential in the global economy.  In addition, the report also analyses the impact of Australia on the G20 as a middle power. While the notion of middle power diplomacy is questioned by some who say that it is ineffective, this report illustrates how among the major superpowers of the world, middle power diplomacy can be instrumental at global summits such as the G20.  

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