Semester Two 2019 Scholars Announced

The Global Voices Executive Team is excited to announce the appointment of the Semester Two, 2019 Global Voices Scholars.

Fourteen young Australians will now prepare to attend a three-day pre-departure briefing in Canberra, where they will meet with Australian Government officials, senior academics, and policy experts, before heading off to represent Australia at key upcoming international events.

In October, four Scholars will attend the International Monetary Fund & World Bank Annual Meetings in Washington DC: Courtney Ferguson (Macquarie University), Yana Gourevitch (University of Melbourne, Faculty of Business and Economics), Nicholas Burnett (QUT Business School) and Georgia Strong (Curtin University). There, Scholars will gain insight into international trade and investment policy and contribute their research to propose solutions to complex economic challenges.

Four delegates will also be attending the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Chile this December: Elyssia Gasparotto (University of Newcastle i-LEAD Program), Kristen McNamara (University of Melbourne, Faculty of Science), Ben Munro (University of New South Wales CO-OP), and Anna Rea (Central Queensland University). With over 20,000 people from across the global expected to attend BLUE COP, the key agenda items Scholars will be involved in include discussions on renewable energy, circular economies and most prominently oceans and seas.

Finally, six Scholars will be attending the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW64) in New York City next March: Tiarlee Bellhouse (Macquarie University), Georgia McDonald (Griffith University), Hanna Callow (Central Queensland University), Reem El-Naji (RMIT University), Prabhleen Kaur (University of Sydney, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) and Imogen Keall (Curtin University). CSW64 is set to be a pivotal event for scholars to engage in, with the marking of the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action as well as the review of the five year milestone towards reaching the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

As part of the Global Voices Scholarship Program, all Scholars will complete a Policy Fellowship on a topic related to the theme of their delegation, with the assistance of a leading senior Australian academic. 

In addition to developing skills and experience in foreign policy, diplomacy and international relations, the Scholars will join a network of over 240 alumni who have participated in over fifty international summits since the establishment of Global Voices in 2011.

Global Voices’ Chief Executive Officer, Billi McCarthy-Price, stated that “many international delegations lack attendance by a key stakeholder in the development of future-focussed policies: youth.”

“By providing Australian youth with the opportunity to attend these high-level international delegations, Global Voices and our university partners can ensure that the voice of informed young people is present during discussions and has an impact on the final decision-making process.”