ECOSOC Delegate: Chau Nguyen

Chau is completing a Bachelor of of Communication and Business at Swinburne University in Melbourne. She also has a strong interest in fashion as well as cultural exchange and sustainable development. In 2015, Chau was fortunate enough to be invited as an Australian ambassador to Fashion Week in Korea. Alongside her fashion interests, Chau is passionate about the social development of the fashion industry with a goal to promote intellectual discussion about the understanding of fashion and its impact on the planet. 

Her passion and keen interest in fashion and sustainability will shape her research paper. Chau will undertake a comparative analysis of conversation projects aimed at protecting Australia’s biodiverse ecosystems.

The person Chau would most like to meet is Miuccia Prada. Not just because she is the head of the Prada fashion kingdom, but because prior to her move into fashion, Prada was devoted to the study and discussion of politics regarding social issues including women’s rights. 

She’s currently re-reading Kafka on the Shore by Murakami Haruki, having realised that the themes of the novel are a lot more complex than she realised when reading it as a young teenager.

As a Vietnamese Australian, Chau loves visiting Vietnam. She enjoys seeing how the country has changed over the years as well enjoying its beautiful landscape. She’s able to visit family as well as explore the country from the point of view as a tourist.

At the moment Chau is working with a Melbourne-based brand and enjoys the opportunity to be challenged while being surrounded by people who think like she does. She is equally excited about attending ECOSOC for the same reason. Being around others who think the same way and open up discussions leads to meaningful conversations and potential friendships. 

Swinburne University is a valued partner of Global Voices and supports us in our mission to provide opportunities for young Australians to engage with global issues and policy making.