OECD Delegate: Kaitlyn Krahe

Kaitlyn Krahe s currently studying to be a paramedic at Victoria University and will attend the OECD Forum in Paris. In addition to co-founded Victoria University's Womens Collective she also won several academic awards. Kaitlyn is also the President of Victoria University's Student Paramedic Association. 

Kaitlyn has been active in grassroots campaigning and advocacy work for several years and has always believed that knowledge is a powerful tool in the process of effecting change. As part of the Global Voices Research Fellowship program Kaitlyn will research Australia’s Indigenous health policy and posit new ideas to address the current disparity in outcomes. 

If Kaitlyn could meet anyone, alive or dead, she would love to meet Nelson Mandela. Having recently stood in the tiny jail cell at Robben Island she found herself overwhelmed and humbled. To Kaitlyn, Mandela’s legacy embodies what it means to show courage and resilience in the face of adversity.

Victoria University is a valued partner of Global Voices and supports us in our mission to provide opportunities for young Australians to engage with global issues and policy making.