OECD Delegate: Laura Wood

Laura Wood recently returned from Colombia where she studied Spanish as part of her Master of International Development Practice. She has previously completed a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology Honours). Laura's areas of interest include gender equality and the prevention of violence against women.

Laura has worked on the Victorian local government ‘Generating Equality and Respect’ program, an initiative aimed at the prevention of violence against women. Laura has also volunteered in Nepal, South Korea, the Maldives and Cambodia, as well as interning with Amnesty International. 

As part of the Global Voices Research Fellowship Laura will write about how gender stereotypes contribute to the perpetuation of gender inequality.  She will highlight strategies for minimising the impacts of unconscious bias as a strategy for tackling gender stereotypes, gender inequality and increasing productivity. 

Laura is looking forward to attending the OECD Forum in Paris with Global Voices in order to better understand how the OECD functions and how positive change can be made to transform gender relations in support of gender equality. Laura is hoping this experience will bring her closer to her goal of working for UN Women. 

The person that Laura would most like to meet is Elizabeth Broderick, the former Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner. Laura is impressed with the strides that Broderick has made in progressing gender equality in Australia. 

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