Media Release: Global Voices Semester One Delegations Announced

Global Voices is proud to announce our Semester One 2016 delegations. The delegates are Australian tertiary students representing a broad range of disciplines and interests including business, engineering, health, communications, international development and law. 

Delegates will travel to either the OECD Forum in Paris, the Y20 Summit in Shanghai or the ECOSOC High Level Political Forum in New York. They will also participate in our Research Fellowship and attend pre-departure briefings in Canberra. 

These fully-funded places are available through the support of our partners and corporate sponsors. Global Voices is a public policy and international affairs non-profit organisation with a mission to provide opportunities for young Australians to engage with international policy. All media inquiries to

OECD Forum
Paris, France (29 May – 3 June 2016)

The OECD Forum coincides each year with the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting in Paris. World leaders, CEOs, civil organisations and members of academia and media will come together to discuss the most pressing social and economic challenges confronting society. 

Laura Wood, Monash University
Master of International Development Practice
In line with the OECD Recommendations on Gender Equality, Laura will conduct a gender audit of Australian policy as it relates to migration and productivity.   

Vivian Rivera, University of South Australia
Bachelor of Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
Vivian will examine the role of Community Capacity Building (CCB) in the context of social development and as an effective mechanism for building a more inclusive society.

Emily Lighezzolo, QUT Business School
Bachelor of Business (Public Relations/Creative Industries)
Emily’s analysis will focus on the refugee crisis and the feasibility of a global resettlement scheme.

Kaitlyn Krahe, Victoria University
Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic)
Kaitlyn will evaluate Australia’s Indigenous health policy and posit new ideas to address the current disparity in outcomes.

Sabina Lim, University of Melbourne Faculty of Business and Economics
Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Finance)
Sabina will investigate the potential of Social Impact Investing (SII) in addressing the service gap in aged care and health services in Australia.

High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development
New York City, USA (17 – 22 July)

ECOSOC is the principal UN body for coordination, policy review, policy dialogue and recommendations on economic, social and environmental issues. In 2016 ECOSOC will review the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Amy Plant, Central Queensland University
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business
Amy will discuss digital strategies to assist small organisations in the preservation and ethical showcasing of Indigenous intangible cultural heritage materials.

Chau Nguyen, Swinburne University
Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations)
Chau will undertake a comparative analysis of conservation projects aimed at protecting Australia’s biodiverse ecosystems.

Y20 Summit
Shanghai, China (31 July – 6 August)

The Youth 20 (Y20) is a summit which brings together young people from the G20 nations. The agenda includes programs related to global growth, development and structural reform. 

Sam Johnson, University of New South Wales Co-Op Program Scholar
Bachelor of Engineering
Sam will investigate what structural reforms the G20 should recommend to further develop and enable social enterprise in disadvantaged communities.

Samuel Keitaanpaa, Charles Darwin University
PhD Candidate
Samuel will discuss the need for a mentoring project between Australian Pharmacies and local pharmacists and other G20 nations.

Rachael Stock, Central Queensland University
Bachelor of Laws and Accounting
Rachael will evaluate the Murray Darling Basin Economic Diversification Program and other strategies to promote and develop sustainable technology industries in regional Australia.

Jerome De Vera, University of South Australia
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronics) (Honours)
Jerome will focus on the current challenges facing the energy sector and electricity services in Australia and other G20 nations.

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