Y20 Summit Delegate: Samuel Keitaanpaa

Samuel is a PhD Candidate at Charles Darwin University studying through the Menzies School of Health Research. He completed an Internship at the Launceston General Hospital in 2013, where he discovered his passion for improving the role of pharmacy within Public Health Policy in Australia and pharmacoeconomics. He is currently researching the barriers to initiating smoking cessation programs in Indigenous Australians.

Samuel will be discussing the need for a mentoring project between Australian Pharmacies and local pharmacists and other G20 Nations as part of his time with Global Voices. He will be attending the Y20 Summit in Shanghai.

While with Global Voices Samuel is looking forward to the opportunity to engage with people who are all focused on improving the quality of life of others while acknowledging the economic aspects of policy change. Samuel believes that better understanding other peoples views and considerations of issues allows for the creation of ideas and projects which are more likely to be successful and effective at meeting their objectives. 

Samuel loves the food and history of Vietnam. His experience in Vietnam involved staying at the Continental Hotel while reading ‘The Quiet American’, an experience he describes as fantastic. During winter, Samuel will be travelling to Finland, fulfilling a lifelong dream of his.

Currently, Samuel is working with the Country Wellness team who is a local pharmacy group who are focusing on ways to improve patient health through combined care with other health professionals.

Charles Darwin University is a valued partner of Global Voices and supports us in our mission to provide opportunities for young Australians to engage with global issues and policy making.