Media Release: Semester Two 2016 Delegates

Global Voices is proud to announce our Semester Two 2016 delegates. Representing some of Australia's best universities our delegates will be travelling to major diplomatic events across the globe, including; the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings, HABITAT III, UNFCCC COP22 and the UN Commission on the Status of Women.  We would also like to thank our corporate partner QANTAS airways, for their ongoing support of our program. 

World Bank & IMF Annual Meetings

Washington D.C, USA (2 – 9 October 2016)

Tony Chen, University of Melbourne Faculty of Business and Economics, Bachelor of Commerce

Tony will look at capital recycling and how assets can be effectively privatised. He hopes to critically determine the nature of different assets and inturn how effectively they can be repurposed.

Almira De Vera, University of South Australia, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce

Almira is researching potential actions for Australia to ensure growth and effective capitalisation on emerging opportunities. This includes providing a better understanding of the current Tax System and the necessary amendments to promote economic growth and to improve competitiveness.

Susan Deng, UNSW Co-op Scholar, Bachelor of Commerce

Susan is researching the integration of BEPS objectives into corporations CSR frameworks. This involved an analysis of the disconnect between a global policy response to address the failures of our international tax system, and the domestic tax policy changes required for successful implementation.

Tom Prefrement, UNSW Co-op Scholar, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours)

Tom will investigate the possibility of expanding a tradeable refugee admission quota system (TRAQS) as an economic solution to the refugee crisis.

Sarah Joy Pierce, QUT Business School, Masters of Business (Public Relations)

Sarah is proposing several solutions and recommendations to boost productivity and female workplace participation through targeted tax reforms and professional mentoring.

Dominic Rose, Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs, Masters of Public Policy and Management

Dominic’s research will focus on promoting citizen engagement in economic policy making in Australia. In particular, he will look at introducing and encouraging citizen engagement within economic policy decision making in Australia through the use of participatory budgeting.

United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (HABITAT III)

Quito, Ecuador (17 – 20 October)

 Caleb Adams, Griffith University, Bachelor of Environmental Engineering

Caleb will address the contributions to climate change from the construction industry and from urban development. His policy recommendations will be implementable solutions for the industry to reduce its contribution to climate change.

Cassandra Cohen, RMIT, Bachelor of Communications (Professional Communications)

Cassandra will compare and contrast Australia’s Smart Cities Plan with Sustainable Development Goal 11: 'Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable’. She will identify opportunities to adapt the plan to reflect the SDG11 targets more closely, in order to adequately satisfy the commitment Australia made to the SDGs as a UN member state in September 2015.

Sadman Shafiq, Swinburne University, Bachelor Computer Science

Sadman will address how architectural innovation can lead to urban coherence and sustainability. He will investigate the problems with creating smarter cities and harmonious living spaces, and how current trends can expand and develop sustainable places.

Rafael Tsegay, RMIT, Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) (Honours)

Rafael’s research will investigate the similarities in social development between Australia and Brazil to see where developments in Australian social housing can lend to more equal developments in Brazilian cities. The goal of his research is to understand different conceptions of urbanisation to better realise the role of the state in achieving more equal societal outcomes within the global context.

UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP22)

Marrakesh, Morocco (7-18 November 2016)

Samuel Edge, Murdoch University, Masters of Public Policy and Management

Sam’s research will focus on the development of a Global Catastrophic Risk Insurance Facility and whether it is an effective way to incentive countries to ratify and contribute to the UNFCCC goals.

Caitlin Petersen, Central Queensland University, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business

Caitlin will research the effectiveness and necessity of the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage and whether more decisive policies are needed for better adherence by Annex I countries to the mechanism.

Madelin Strupitis-Haddrick, University of Sydney Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Bachelor of International and Global Studies

Madelin will investigate the five-year review cycles in the Paris Agreement and the importance of ambition, a strong compliance and review system and a scheme to incentivise Parties to meet and exceed their nationally determined contributions.

UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61)

New York, USA (12 - 17 March 2017)

Tara Liddy, Charles Darwin University, Bachelor of Applied Social Science

Tara will examine the intersectionality between gender and race within the changing world of work, with a particular focus on the unique challenges for Indigenous women in Australia., 

Natasha O’Farrell, University of Sydney Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Bachelor of International and Global Studies (Honours)

Natasha’s research will focus on how government, civil society and the private sector can work together to bring about social justice for women in particular in relation to the Women, Peace and Security Agenda.

Kyle Reeve, University of South Australia, Bachelor of Arts (International Relations)/Bachelor of Social Work

Kyle will be addressing the disparity between male and female participation in politics. In particular he will be looking at the Beijing Platform to Action and assess positive actions to increase female participation.

Melanie Ohl, Central Queensland University, Bachelor of Public Health (Health Promotion)

Melanie’s research will explore women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work within an Australian perspective. She will particularly look at the experience of rural and remote women and the services provided to allow them to be financially independent.

Jessica Westcott, Victoria University, Bachelor of Laws/Arts

Jessica will look at the disparity between males and females in politics. She will in particular address the issues that deter women from seeking positions in public office.

Jessica Sier, Global Voices National Scholar 

Jessica will aims to provide recommendations for the development of an economic model that can measure the impact of unpaid domestic work on the Australia GDP, allowing value to be attributed to those in the unpaid workforce.



Congratulations to the Hon. Peter Lindsay OAM

Global Voices founding Chairman, the Honourable Peter Lindsay, has been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia as part of the Queen's Birthday Honour List.  Peter has been recognised for his service to the Parliament of Australia and to the community of Townsville.

Peter has also supported a number of youth causes throughout his career including Global Voices. His vision and support for our organisation has been integral to our initial and ongoing success. We sincerely thank him for his contribution and congratulate him on this well deserved honour.

 Peter is one of our country's greatest champions of young people. The generosity of spirit with which he volunteered to serve as Global Voices’ founding Chairman has ensured more than 200 young Australians have been able to represent their country overseas, many travelling abroad for the first time. Global Voices simply wouldn’t exist without him.  

Global Voices founder Thom Woodroofe

Peter has been an amazing advocate for young people—particularly as Chairman of Global Voices between 2011 and 2015—and his recent OAM award goes a long way to recognising these efforts over many years.  Global Voices simply would not be where it is today without Peter’s energy, guidance and good humour.  Congratulations Peter! 

Global Voices former Company Secretary and Director Sandru Anandaraj

Peter giving one of his famous Parliament House tours for our Semester Two 2013 delegates. 

Peter giving one of his famous Parliament House tours for our Semester Two 2013 delegates. 

Media Release: Global Voices Semester One Delegations Announced

Media Release: Global Voices Semester One Delegations Announced

Global Voices is proud to announce our Semester One 2016 delegations. The delegates are Australian tertiary students representing a broad range of disciplines and interests including business, engineering, health, communications, international development and law. 

Delegates will travel to either the OECD Forum in Paris, the Y20 Summit in Shanghai or the ECOSOC High Level Political Forum in New York. They will also participate in our Research Fellowship and attend pre-departure briefings in Canberra. 

These fully-funded places are available through the support of our partners and corporate sponsors. Global Voices is a public policy and international affairs non-profit organisation with a mission to provide opportunities for young Australians to engage with international policy. All media inquiries to

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Media Release: Global Voices to travel to ECOSOC

Due to the current security situation in Turkey and the escalation of travel warnings from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Global Voices will not attend the UNESCO World Heritage Summit in Istanbul this year. This decision made in consultation with our board, partners and executive team and reflects our ongoing commitment to the safety of our delegates. 

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