OECD Forum Wrap Up: Day 4

Alasdair Cannon, QUT Business School

Waking up this morning signalled a bit of a sad note to our tired minds: our time in Paris was officially drawing to a close. Having completed all our scheduled meetings at the OECD Headquarters, we instead made our way to the Australian Embassy. Located close to the Eiffel Tower (seriously, what a view!), the Embassy holds the Australian Permanent Delegation to UNESCO. Sitting in a beautiful conference room (courtesy of Harry Seidler, the classic Australian modernist architect), we met with the Australian Ambassador to UNESCO and Deputy Head of Mission at the Paris Embassy, H. E. Mr Angus Mackenzie. The next hour was spent discussing the details of UNESCO’s work, covering topics such as UNESCO’s World Heritage project and other matters of international concern. Following this, we were treated to a short-tour of UNESCO, which includes a mural designed by Picasso.

Australian Ambassador to UNESCO and Deputy Head of Mission at the Paris Embassy, H. E. Mr Angus Mackenzie.

Australian Ambassador to UNESCO and Deputy Head of Mission at the Paris Embassy, H. E. Mr Angus Mackenzie.

Et, c’est tout: our Global Voices delegation was officially over. We said our goodbyes, and went our separate ways, with some returning to Australia, and others staying on to further explore Paris and Europe. It feels reductive to try to sum the trip up succinctly: the intensity, quality, and depth of the delegation were like nothing else any of us have experienced.

Never before had we met with so many interesting and important people in the international political sphere. From them we gained insight, knowledge and connections that no amount of ordinary university education can offer.

Ultimately, Global Voices truly delivered a formative experience for everyone involved, and I think that all of us have come away with refined and more mature interests in our various fields of study.

IMF & World Bank Annual Meetings delegate Sarah-Joy Pierce featured in both CQU and QUT publications

Sarah attended the 2016 IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings in Washington DC, representing QUT Business School.

She wrote an editorial published on the QUT website and you can read it here or by copying the following URL into your browser: http://blogs.qut.edu.au/business-student-experience/2016/11/08/my-global-voices-lesson-the-importance-of-communication/ 

Sarah wrote another article published by Central Queensland University (CQU) entitled, "The five things you can expect as a Global Voices Delegate". You can read her editorial here or by copying the following URL into your browser: https://cqunilife.com/2016/11/01/global-voices-inside-the-experience/

OECD Delegate: Emily Lighezzolo

Currently completing a double degree of Business and Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology, Emily will be attending the OECD Forum in Paris with Global Voices. She is also the Editor and Marketing Assistant at Wombat Books as well as being an ambassador for QUT and has previously interned with the Australian Publishing Association and The Australian Institute of International Affairs. 

Unable to pinpoint a specific age or event that triggered her curiosity in international policy, Emily remembers asking ‘Why is the world like this? Who makes these decisions?’ Once she started questioning everything, she found herself pulled into the world of foreign policy, fascinated by every answer.

Emily is currently living in Brisbane and loves the blend of personalities, cultures and ages of the people she lives among. She enjoys being able to walk through the city alongside someone in a pair of heels and someone else in a pair of thongs, with neither person being out of place. Given her love of so many different personalities it makes sense that her favourite travel spot is New York. She enjoys being among the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleep.

As part of her time with Global Voices, Emily will write a research paper analysing the focus on the refugee crisis and the feasibility of a global resettlement scheme.

While Emily is unsure of the road she wants to take after graduation, she does know she is keen to pursue her passions for writing and international relations. She is keen to contribute to the conversation on international relations, discussing challenges and opportunities and learning from other like-minded people.

Queensland University of Technology is a valued partner of Global Voices and supports us in our mission to provide opportunities for young Australians to engage with global issues and policy making.