2018 OECD Forum

Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences Scholarship

Paris, France (29 May - 1 June 2018)

The University of South Australia Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences is offering an exclusive scholarship for a student to represent Australia at the OECD Forum in Paris. The successful applicant will join youth representatives from around Australia to meet with leaders and experts in economics, trade and development. 

 Global Voices 2016 OECD Delegation

Global Voices 2016 OECD Delegation

In addition to participating in the forum, delegates travel to Canberra for pre-departure briefings. This includes private meetings with policy experts, economists, department secretaries, ministers and journalists. The program consists of three components:

  • Pre-departure briefings (Canberra, 8 - 10 May);
  • Participation in the Global Voices Research Fellowship; and
  • Attendance at the OECD Forum (29 May - 1 June). 

The scholarship place is fully funded by the Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences and includes all domestic and international flights, accommodation, breakfasts, visas, insurance, and registration fees (you will need to cover the cost of meals and some transfers). 


Program Timeline

Applications Close: Monday 9 April at 5pm AEST

Application Reviews and Interviews: Tuesday 10 April - Sunday 15 April 

Applicants informed of outcome: Sunday 22 April 

Policy Outline Due: Thursday 10 May

Canberra pre-departure briefings: Tuesday 8 - Thursday 10 May

Final draft of policy paper due: Friday 25 May

Second round of feedback: Monday 4 June

Final policy paper due: Wednesday 4 July

* Shortlisted applicants must undertake a phone or Skype interview with a member of the Global Voices Executive Team. You must be available between Tuesday 10 April - Sunday 15 April. 


Eligibility Requirements

The Global Voices Scholarship is open to students from the Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences. Candidates must be: 

  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Aged 18 to 30
  • Available to travel to Canberra and France for the specified dates
  • Able to commit 5 hours a week to the program in the lead up to the summit 

The scholarship recipient will have a good understanding of international relations and an interest in global development and economics. The successful candidate will be capable and confident presenting to groups, enjoy team work and have excellent communication skills.


The Application Process

In addition to providing information on your previous professional and academic experience, you are required to submit a personal statement and a policy proposal as part of your application (see Research Proposal Instructions). If successful, your proposal will become the basis of your final policy paper and familiarise you with the core themes of the summit.

Research Proposal

You must identify a thematic focus or project associated with the OECD agenda and provide analysis on the issue. You are then expected to provide recommendations for improvement, reform or change. We encourage you to undertake your analysis in the Australian context.

The final policy paper will be similar to a ministerial briefing note. You can find examples of this style of writing through a quick Google search. Previous policy papers are also in our Journal

Your ideas are a work in progress and the nature and scope of your paper will develop as you undertake your research.

** You must download and use the research proposal instructions. 

Personal Statement

The personal statement is an opportunity to introduce yourself and share your reasons for applying. It should outline your ambitions for the future and how you will benefit from the experience. Your personal statement should be no longer than 500 words. 

Global Voices is looking for young and emerging Australian leaders and encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply. When selecting scholarship recipients we consider if an individual may bring a unique voice and perspective to the conversation. 

    Assessment Criteria

    Personal Statement (500 words max)

    Your personal statement and experience will demonstrate:

    • Leadership skills and participation in extracurricular activities
    • A passion for learning and professional development
    • An interest in international relations and diplomacy 
    • An understanding of Australian foreign policy 
    • An understanding of the history of the OECD and its priority areas
    • A positive attitude and willingness to work in a team 
    • A clear 'five-year plan' i.e. short to medium term professional or academic goals
    • Excellent communications skills

    Research Proposal (500 words max) 

    When assessing your research proposal we consider the relevance of the analysis and the practical application of your policy recommendations. We also consider:

    • The fluency of your writing and clarity of expression;
    • The depth of analysis and understanding of your chosen research topic; and
    • Use of clear structure and 'sign-posting' in the research proposal. We encourage the use of sub-headings. 

    N.B. Common feedback is to narrow the scope of research. You generally have 6 - 8 weeks to complete your paper, so be realistic as to what you can meaningfully achieve.

    Applications Close Monday 9 April (Extended until Midnight)