Laura Sacks

Laura is a student of The University of New South Wales where she is studying a Bachelor of Engineering in the UNSW Co-op Program. Her Policy Paper discusses Energising innovation: The role of global innovation alliances to address key energy challenges.

Krista Flick

Krista is a student of Central Queensland University where she is studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). Her Policy Paper discusses Reducing youth unemployment and experiences of NEET through enhancing opportunities for youth entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Jacklin Molla

Jacklin is a student of Griffith University where she is studying a combined Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Government and International Relations. Her Policy Paper discusses Addressing the global refugee crises: An opportunity for inclusive growth.


Erin Lynn

Erin is student of Monash University where she is completing a PhD. Her Policy Paper discusses ‘The entrepreneurship solution’: Meeting the global youth unemployment crises.

Lachlan Campbell

Lachlan is the National Scholarship Recipient for this delegation. His Policy Paper discusses A cause for optimism: The food security and nutrition framework and a potentially reinvigorated G20’s development agenda.